In The Cloud With Lulu
by julien levesque

Fabrication, arduino programming: Julien Levesque and Aurélien Fache.
Android application: Julien Vermet. Thanks to Guillaume Krattinger.

In The Cloud With LuluIn The Clous With Lulu is a connected sculpture that swings to the rhythm of my movements.

In The Cloud With Lulu is a hanging mobile of little clouds that oscillate according to my daily physical movements. The faster I move, the more agitated the clouds become. When I come to a stop, the clouds settle down.

In The Cloud With Lulu lets you feel the physical activity of a person in their absence and brings us a little bit closer to your loved one. Thanks to this presence, Little Lulu can sleep soundly.

In The Cloud With LuluIn The Cloud With Lulu, Digital Night # 13 Mechatronics, Reims, in March 2016.In The Cloud With LuluLulu.gif

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2014 - Julien Levesque