Mentalista Guinguette
Albertine Meunier, Julien Levesque, Bastien Didier, Thu Trinh Bouvier, Sylvie Tissot


The Flying Sausage

Mentatlista Guinguette is an installation that allows levitating sausage by the sole force of thought!
Gille de Bast, member of the association We Love The Net, puts forward his research around neuronal interfaces to realize this unusual installation.
Participating in the Mentalista Guinguette is to attend a memorable aperitif to enjoy sausage, chips or pretzels.

Operation :
Two participants, sitting opposite each other, work together to stop the levitation of the plate. By means of 3 electrodes placed on the skull of the partipants the cerebral electrical activity is analyzed (open BCI). The instruction is given: think of dropping the plate. When the participants' cerebral paternity approaches an already known, pre-recorded model (identified as dropping the plate), a gauge is filled. When the gauge is full, the plate goes down, the protagonists can then enjoy the contents.

saucisson volant saucisson volant saucisses

Programmation : Bastien Didier
Fabrication : Bastien Didier & Julien Levesque
Photos : Pierre Bouvier