by julien levesque

Fabrication, arduino programming: Julien Levesque and Aurélien Fache.
Thanks to Guillaume Krattinger and Alexandre Saunier.


Requiem is a musical installation that generates a real-time planetary symphony using the Twitter social network.

Like dead leaves, Twitter messages are destined to fade away little by little, to drown in the perpetual flow of information. Like bottles thrown into the sea, these messages pass and pass away...

RequiemThe automated instrument starts playing a new sound every time a tweet includes the word " requiem ".

Requiem acts as an interpreter to reveal messages containing the word “requiem”. Almost magically, the installation composes an exotic melody. Thus transcribed by the musical object, the messages become audible. Melodies from another world, in a present and simultaneous time, come to us.

Inviting viewers to reflect upon the flow of information circulating on the networks, Requiem casts the 140 characters of the famous social network in a different light.

RequiemRequiem presentation at the 60th Salon de Montrouge.


2015 - Julien Levesque