A “non catalog”


Confidence is an edition reporting on a year of residency at the plastic arts workshops in Evry. With the collaboration of graphic designer Nicolas Millot, we have chosen to create a hybrid documentary object made up of images / fragments to retrace the journey of this year of creation devoted to the subject of engraving with the digital test. Each copy by its order and its colorimetry offers a unique experience. Image processing was obtained through an intervention in the offset manufacturing process. Liquid paint was applied to the machine rollers by the artist.

Like a “bug” in the matrix, this editorial experiment generates an original treatment of color despite its repetition. Held by a simple elastic, the object also invites to recompose the order of the pages.

Technical information :
Ink is applied directly onto inking rollers (ink is accumulated in the inkwell)
Inking is done on the offset plate (attached to the cylinder) -> transfer to blanket -> transfer to paper ;-)