The magic dictation is good but connected is better


Who does not remember child from the dictation exercise at school? For me, it's still a bit bitter, until I'm reconciled with words. Ah, if I had a Dadadictée to ward off my bitterness, I created an interactive and connected project that allows you to play while learning !

With this connected garden and an accompanying interface accessible online on computer, tablet or smartphone, the Dadadictée offers a space of play between screen and physical world, a game composed of words, carrots and data.
After hearing and writing the missing words, the player will be able to experience the result in an interactive and fun way, and may have the carrots flying !

The Dadadictée is for people who want to learn French in a fun way and to discover literary, poetic, artistic texts that transport us and make us dream.
An object that looks like a small vegetable garden to cultivate his love of language and the game.

How does it work?

From the website, access a series of text excerpts. Choose a dictation, fill in your item and carrot number, listen to the missing words and fill in the holes in the text. Once done, press "validate" to know your correct answers. If you are a champion, you blow up your carrot in the air!

Dadadictée is a slightly offbeat interactive experience that makes spelling more alive than ever.
The carrot without the stick!

Visit the Dadadictée website

-> Download the installation guide(fr)
-> Watch the installation video

Interested in Dadadictée ?

There are two possible objects: up to 24 players at the same time !
You want to try it in your school, media library, animation center ? Try the Dadadictée and adopt it !