Data Sonata

Data Sonata for piano


What if we could listen to our data? Data Sonata is an interpretation of your data, with accents of John Cage!

Data Sonata constitutes a series of algorithmic compositions that take the form of vinyl records and music scores. Processing your history of geographical positions as recorded by Google over the past year, Data Sonata generates an original sonata, a musical composition tailor-made according to your recorded activity. The composition is a musical story of 365 days that can be heard at the speed of its grooves or browsed in the form of a printed score. Materialized and engraved on a transparent 33” vinyl record.

A few sonatas composed from several data sets :
->low audio quality

Albertine M.'s sonata (9"57')

Bastien D.'s sonata (10"03')

Frederic M.'s sonata (6"58')

Gautier R.'s sonata (9"11')

Julien L.'s sonata (14"07')

Julien V.'s sonata (11"17')

Nicolas M.'s sonata (3"22')

Philippe C.'s sonata (7"31')

Valentina P.'s sonata (5"26')

If you want to hear your own sonata (.MP3 format)
You must use an Android smartphone and have activated your history of positions on Google.

In exchange for your .json file containing one year of geolocalization (access via Google Takeout), you will receive a personal piano sonata that you can listen to in your living room.

The sonata lasts around 10 minutes—equivalent to one year of your activity.

If you’re interested in this project, send me your (archive) data file.
Access it here :