Dear Facebook

A workshop about personal data


In the few years that we have been using Facebook and services such as Google, our personal data is regularly analyzed and stored without our knowledge. The cloud of mystery that surrounds the use and collection of this data remains a hot topic.

During this week of discussion around the essential symbols of the Internet, we tried to find a response to our condition of digital "hostages" but also to understand how this system works.

Thumbing our nose at the great machine of capitalist semantics that are Google and Facebook is the response we chose with this project. How else can we guarantee our confidentiality except by foregoing these services? And so, with tongue firmly in cheek, we invited each person to do just that. Help them to know you better… Write directly to Mark (or Facebook) and give them something to chew on!

It's very simple to send a letter to Mark Zuckerberg

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