Digitized by Google

A book made up of several books digitized by Google Books


Digitized by Google is a book composed of images from several works that were digitized and are now available unabridged on Google Books. Digitizing books can be a tedious task. Done by hand, page by page, this process introduces a human presence in the management of various documents and original formats.

In this great entreprise that has become the digitization of the written world, traces of a human hand have been left here and there by those who work in the shadows to help make this content accessible.
By perusing thousands of documents online, we finally uncovered a bit of our humanity, traces of our existence that remain in the process of digitizing books.

The various documents assembled here show to what extent digitization is a controlled process that calls upon the gesture and precision of the human hand, and which by the same token sends us back to our physical world of touch.