Data landscape


Between\/Us is an attempt to represent a geolocation file produced by Google in the form of a landscape. If Google records the geolocation data of our trips through its services, Between\/Us gives birth to an image, a custom design unique to its owners.

Composed of prints made from datasets of different people. Each landscape by its singularity represents the wanderings of its author, a life course, an imprint of travel during a calendar year.
This work was made possible thanks to the collaboration with a professional engraver and the use of a numerically controlled machine (CNC). After developing a program capable of graphically interpreting the data and producing a vector file, copper plates were engraved using a milling machine.
The different results of these engravings allowed the drawing of a series of prints each individual and numbered and representing different movements of a natural person.

By bringing together print and digital, Between\/Us transforms our data into a tangible and timeless aesthetic experience.

Series of 7 engravings (6 prints numbered by matrix)