Gonflées ces GAFA

A choreography in the air consisting of 4 golden balloons


Gonflées ces GAFA

Gradually, lightly, the digital giants have become unavoidable and have imposed themselves on us. If they escape corporate taxation in France, the economic model of these American players who dominate our digital ecosystem and distil our electronic lives is very real. With their weight and power, the hegemony of the GAFA has not finished talking about them...

Gonflées ces GAFA presents a flying installation, a choreography in the air consisting of 4 golden balloons with the effigy of the digital giants, a cynetic acronym that moves from top to bottom. When the New York Stock Exchange opens (local time),Gonflées ces GAFA comes alive with the pace of Google Amazon Apple Apple giants' stock quotes. In real time, the higher the stock market rating, the more the balloon flies away. On the other hand, the more the action falls, the more the ball goes down.

Under a festive air, Gonflées ces GAFA offers a light and lively experience at the rate of US dollars.