La Data Dancing Saucisse Party

Think and move like a SAUSAGE it's possible


Data.Bingo, the company that loves chance, offers a unique and founding experience in a life course.
Confront yourself to the unusual time of a choreography punctuated by Data and I.A where you will define yourself a new way to move like a sausage.

Process :

A camera captures the scene. One, two, three or more people pose and decide together on their choreography. Spectators decide their choreography themselves: their positions recorded by the Google Image Recognition Brick are associated with different sounds. Spectators also decide on the style of the music that accompanies them. Several styles exist: techno style, sausage style, gainsbourg style, animal style, salsa style, etc ... Once the period of learning of the images by the I.A, it is the time of the dance. Each recognized position can trigger the sound and thus the set of positions composes a real "smart" dance.

For this performance, we used Google's Tensorflow.js technology.

The Data Dancing Saucisse Party is a performanceData Dada extremely playful... which easily explains to the general public what is a neural network, and how it works.