The Rikiki Suitcase

The Rikiki Suitcase puts data in a box


The Rikiki Suitcase

Like a sales representative with his briefcase, the Rikiki Suitcase is a nomadic workshop designed to reach out to the most diverse audience. This little suitcase contains a number of crazy interactive installations composed of objects that have been transformed or made especially for the occasion. Its original contents invite you to understand our digital and connected world through creative pieces and reappropriated objects.
Through playful and offbeat experiences, the Rikiki Suitcase puts data in a box for the pleasure of both the young and the young at heart.

Some examples of what can be found inside the suitcase :

*Nothing Machine*
Can a machine that doesn't do anything help people understand the concept of computer interactivity?

A useless DataDada object . 2014 by Albertine Meunier, Julien Levesque, Sylvie Tissot and Bastien Didier
Experience a race of connected penguins.

*The Lie Detector*
A sensor placed on the ear, answer questions without emotions. Can you fool your audience ?

*Catapult Dictation*
The catapult dictation is a dictation that explodes if there are no mistakes in the text. Put on your thinking cap !

*Chifoumi AI*
Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against a bad player AI.

*Let There Be Data*
When the data sounds the knell.

*Capacitive Touch Music*
Using conductive materials, try to play music with several hands.

In the form of a performance, this workshop can be adapted to different formats.
The nomadic installation can be deployed within a few minutes. Requires a 3G or 4G network to see the technical specs.