NFT Papers

This is not an NFT


My first approach to NFTs was not easy. Indeed, I did not find myself in this approach and medium of creation. These objects were rather against my artistic and ethical convictions. Rather than creating them, I preferred to find them in nature like a media archaeologist.

Gleaner, I found my first NFTs in a flea market. I lent myself to the game of collecting small envelopes that were originally used to list parts in the field of watchmaking. On each of these small envelopes is indicated the mention "NFT". What a discovery!

The NFT Papers series is a collection of 40 unique objects that resemble the images of "collectibles" in the blockchain registry. Their acquisition is governed by a strict and meticulous protocol. Indeed, each future buyer will be able to see his name, first name, address as well as the date and time of purchase mentioned by handwriting on a small certificate of authenticity and ownership (2.5 X 3cm) slipped into the object (envelope). And so on with each resale of the object.

In other words, real-fake non-fungible tokens, real contemporary Ready-made!