Pegman Coin

A little metal man, inspired by the Pegman on Google Street View


View of the Peg Mountain exhibition, the Tapisserie, June 2013

Amazon has just launched its own currency: the Amazon coin. The Microtruc collective would also like to launch a new currency: the Pegman coin. The Pegman coin, or Peg coin, is an alternative exchange currency.

The Pegman coin comes in the shape of a little metal man, inspired by the Pegman on Google Street View. Just like Google's Pegman, he is destined to travel around the world. We wish to circulate him as a real exchange currency. At launch time, 5 baguettes of bread will be equal to 1 Pegman coin.

The Peg coin is a way of thumbing our nose at Google and at all big companies that are trying to expand and increase profits by taking control of the digital economy. As represented by a little man, the Peg coin reminds us that the digital world, sometimes perceived as dematerialized, has a big influence on the real lives of men and women. Reappropriating this symbol of the Internet and circulating it among good hands is a way of elevating our everyday lives beyond the digital cash cow. In the age of big data and personal information, why not pay back users in Pegman coins in exchange for their personal data? The Pegman coin can also be considered as an exchange value for users of services like Google that systematically collect and archive our personal data. In short, the Pegman coin is the currency of the future!

First Edition:
10 Pegman Gold
1600 Pegman Zamak

A project produced thanks to KKBB