Radiophonic broadcasts for voice assistants



They’re listening to you at home !

Let’s consider that we’re all living under the occupation of the digital giants—that all our exchanges are intercepted, our desires calculated, and our lives increasingly less random and less spontaneous. How can we emancipate ourselves from such a future society? Our only defenses are organization and resistance, in other words, happy art and happenings! Faced with this oppression, Radio Data is a radio program for human listeners and their voice assistants using all forms of audio broadcast and media. Announced and broadcast at a regular time, the radio program will feature coded messages that infiltrate your daily life, poking fun at listeners: Siri, Alexa, Google assistant.

Tip: turn up the volume on your radio; turn on your voice assistants Certain words and frequencies communicate with your smart devices. If you own such devices in your home, we recommend that you turn them on during the Radio Data broadcasts. We will then try to contact your home.

As these eavesdropping occupants are becoming increasingly present in our homes, Radio Data short-circuits the adversary by provoking various bugs and confusing utterances in real life.

If you wish to send a particular message during an upcoming program, write to us or fill in this form

Broadcasts :


Radio broadcasts

29 June 2018 (15h30) / Radio_Data #1 (Web Radio) ENSBA, Paris

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