Têtes à Claques

Well done for you


Not so long ago, big digital companies launched their own voice assistants. These new consumer gadgets are gradually easing their way into our homes to serve us. While they offer a new type of digital interaction, these cult chatbots also have some setbacks: they’re loud and intrusive, they pick up ambient noise and they’re eavesdropping. In fact, these new digital icons not only listen in, they also generate lots information about us. What's more, it’s not easy to know where our data goes, or how it’s being used.

To turn the tides, we bring you Têtes à Claques. This slightly unusual installation puts a new spin on voice assistants for our daily tasks. A wheel equipped with fly swatters, Têtes à Claques is a windmill that automatically hits the assistant every time it talks. The attached counter tallies every smack—whenever the bot answers a question—thus serving as a useless measurement tool and producing irrational data on the go.

Thanks to this system, we’re developing a brand-new measurement tool, never-before-seen in our quantifiable world:
The Data Slap available soon in open data

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