A mysterious image moves on the Tezos blockchain


Website : u-t-1.net

U_T_1 (Unidentified_Token_1) is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) represented by an mysterious digital image that constantly moves between different wallets on the Tezos blockchain. This virtual object in perpetual motion travels from Wallet to Wallet at an average rate of one move per hour. Its speed of movement varies according to the price of Tezos (TXZ). U_T_1 travels through the space-time of the blockchain like an elusive explorer.

No one can own this NFT. It is not for sale. It's not available on any selling platform. It is a stealthy image, an NFT that is hiding from view. The only way to interact with it is to see it pass through your wallet. To participate, temporary collectors must join the waiting list by entering their Tezos wallet address. If no one offers their wallet to host it, the item takes a random direction to an unknown wallet.