Like a dowsing stick on wheels


In town, indoors as well as on the street, there are a multitude of wifi networks around us. The list is long, very long ... This multitude of networks creates an invisible mesh of a high density of potential Internet sources.

A popular legend presents the cactus as a benefactor for the computer user. The cactus is said to have depressing properties. As this belief suggests, the spiky plant would be able to absorb the electromagnetic waves generated by our machines.
What if the cactus likes wifi above all ? So let's give it wings, or rather wheels …

How does it work ?

Wifi CactuS is a motorized plant capable of moving towards invisible sources. Put it in a room, and this Cactus on wheels will end up in the place where the WiFi signal is strongest !
Thirsty for Wifi waves, Wifi CactuS Wifi CactuS relentlessly probes the space it occupies to orient itself towards the HotSpot of the waves it perceives. The mobile plant searches for the meeting point in space at the crossroads of the ten most powerful Wi-Fi networks.
Wifi CactuS composes a choreography in search of invisible waves.