that's my data there but that's not your affair!


My Data is a chicken that lays golden eggs


that's my data there
but that's not your affair
data is GAFA
datum is Kaboom
my data is the goose that lays the golden egg
Lucky Data that can't be sold
Daisy Flowers-a-Gogo
when data manifests
it makes Dada
hue and dia!
when data loses its meaning
it changes direction
I repeat
data is GAFA
datum is Kaboom
data is like an angel
Unisex and pure spirit
that's data
that's data
let it be said! !

Written on Friday the 13th of June 2014 by the artists Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque, the DataDaDa* Manifesto expresses their opposition to Data being progressively considered as mere digital bits of information.
Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque wish to wrap, powder, decorate, style and envelop Data with the influence of the Dada art movement.
One century later, a new art movement is created: DataDada.

(*) DataDada hereby refers to any new artwork that incorporates both (digital) data and a touch of dadaism.

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